May 12, 2021

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Understanding Situational Awareness and Its Importance in the Military

Situational awareness refers to the conscious knowledge that one has of their surroundings.

It means knowing what is going on in the area around them. In the military, situational awareness is crucial. It can spell the difference between life and death, not only for soldiers but for entire troops.

Levels of Situational Awareness

There are three levels of situational awareness. It is vital for soldiers to master each of these levels. This is crucial for both defense and attack, especially during combat. 

The first level consists of assessing the area and recognizing the details. The second level is the analysis of the available data that is relevant to the current mission. With accurate interpretation of the data, there will be more chances of making the right decision. 

Finally, the third level consists of making an informed guess of what will happen next. This is based on the current circumstances and relevant data. This level combines the output from the first two levels. It usually requires a lot of practice for one to master.

Tools for Improving Situational Awareness in the Military 

Over the years, the devices used by the military for situational awareness have gone through a lot of changes. Technology has gotten so much better. Along with this, the various tools used by the military have improved as well. 

The military grade radio is one of the most popular tools used by many nations today. Each unit usually gets at least one of these radios. They have high-tech features that make for easy and fast communication. You can easily connect with them from almost any place in the world. 

Before, ISR missions relied a lot on helicopters for aerial inspections. The problem is they are very large and bulky. Now, there are more compact drones to do the job. Because of them, it is now easier for the military to know what is going on around their area. 

The tools and systems will continue to change as the years go by. But nothing will change the fact that having a strong situational awareness is one of the highest priorities in the military.